HUBMATICS is an independent solution for the full integration of subcontractors in the digital transport chain. Shippers or logisticians have the opportunity to integrate their ad hoc subcontractors quickly and easily into your digital transport process.

With HUBMATICS, logisticians, transport companies and drivers benefit equally. A unique HUB-ID is generated with the transport order, which is transmitted to the transport company. This reduces errors caused by media breaks to a minimum.

HUBMATICS deliberately refrains from being tied to a specific hardware or software installed in the truck. All you need is a mobile device in the form of a smartphone or tablet and an internet data connection.

Functions that inspire

The core functions at a glance

Status feedback

Automated status feedback of the delivery process in your ERP-system or TMS.

Annoying phone calls and e-mails about the current status of your delivery are now a thing of the past! With HUBMATICS you always have an overview of the current status of your delivery and can act instead of reacting to any problems.

Digital proof of delivery

Automated transmission of the delivery receipt.

Weeks of waiting for delivery receipts that have been sent by post are a thing of the past with HUBMATICS. After successful delivery, freight documents are scanned and made available to the customer digitally within seconds.

Ramp time control

Always keep an eye on the idle time during the loading and unloading process.

Downtimes are often an annoying topic of discussion in logistics. With HUBMATICS these are recorded in a traceable manner and thus contribute to increasing efficiency in the long term.

Automated notification

Inform proactively about arrival times

Have the arrival times of your deliveries notified automatically. Via e-mail or SMS, the senders or recipients are proactively informed about the pickup or arrival of the goods.

Photo documentation

Provide important evidence.

Do you need to provide pictorial proof of the arrival of goods or document transport damage? With HUBMATICS, the driver can quickly and easily create a photo, which is directly assigned to the respective loading or unloading point.


Inspire the rest of the world.

We are giving a piece of home back to the drivers by gearing our system towards multilingualism. In addition to German, English, Polish, Spanish and French are already available as standard. Further languages are already in final development.

Other Features

More features to come.

Every day we are working on improvements as well as more features. Stay tuned!

Status feedback

Digital proof of delivery

Timely transmission of freight documents

After successful status transmission and delivery, the driver has the option to transmit delivery documents digitally.

Time-consuming and expensive mailing is significantly reduced. Transport companies, logisticians and consignors have real-time certainty that the delivery has been completed.

Ramp time control

Optimize the downtimes at loading ramps through continuous monitoring.

Use a large number of factual data to create clarity about possible causes and thus develop solutions for sustainably improved processes.

Target groups

One system – many users.

HUBMATICS offers a multitude of advantages for shippers, logisticians, transport companies and drivers.

Loading industry

  • pro-active shipment information

  • continuous status feedback

  • reduced response times

  • Increase in quality

Logistics companies

  • continuous status feedback
  • no media break
  • faster order placement
  • Increase in customer satisfaction

Transport companies

  • fast data playback to drivers
  • digital delivery receipt
  • faster settlement of the freight bill
  • Reduction of telephone calls


  • Reduction of downtimes
  • Increase in driver satisfaction
  • Reduction of telephone calls
  • Reduction of incorrect loading

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